Testimonials / Reviews

What some happy customers have said!

"I love how my toddler can climb the triangle with no parental intervention, so that he can test his own skills, build confidence, and learn how to move safely on his own." - Jessie (jessieandjake.com) - Pikler Triangle & Ramp


"the pikler arrived today and our little one was over the moon! We're very impressed. Thanks heaps." - Emma - Pikler Triangle


"It looks fab, and he's already scaled it (getting down was another matter). Thank you so much, it really is stunning." - Heidi - Pikler Triangle & Ramp


"thank you for the climbing frame. It is so very cool! My big boys have had just as much fun with it as our little guy" - Tarryn - Pikler Triangle 



"It took a few weeks but he’s finally into his ladder. So awesome! Thanks so much!" - Megan - Pikler Triangle 


"the triangle arrived today and it's awesome! Really well made, I'm super pleased with it (the toddler is still sleeping, but when he wakes I bet he'll be even more happy with it!!)" - Danelle - Pikler Triangle & Ramp